Assaulting Science

I have just discovered another incarnation of pseudo-science on the internet, this one promoted by a Libb Thims:

In short, Thims’ research efforts, beginning in 1995 as a curious hobby, and in 2001 as a more intense research project, have been to understand how the inequality ΔG < 0, where ΔG = ΔH – TΔS, applies to the governance and regulation of human existence, impersonally (in relationships) and socially (within a society), viewed purely in terms of a super-observer perspective, time-accelerated human reactions (surface-attached chemical reactions) point of view—in other words, in variational speak, how differentials (time variations) of Gibbs free energy change dG (available energy release or absorption) apply to the prediction and spontaneities of interactions and reactions between people, particularly in regards to the formation and dissolution of bonds, the intimate relationship marriage bond and reproduction in particular, over the course of decades of time (changes in states of experience). In categorization terms, this defines Thims as a human free energy theorist, a rare group of about forty thinkers. [emphasis added]

The amount of disinformation on the internet is truly horrendous.

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