December 19, 1944 (a Tuesday)

Richard E. Leakey

On this date, the Kenyan physical anthropologist and paleontologist Richard E. Leakey was born. Leakey, second of three sons of noted anthropologists Louis Leakey and Mary Leakey, decided at an early age that he wanted nothing to do with paleoanthropology and started a expedition business. In 1964, he led an expedition to a fossil site which sparked his interest in paleontology. Since then he has been responsible for extensive fossil finds of human ancestral forms in East Africa, including a Homo habilis skull found in 1972, and a Homo erectus skull found in 1975. His discoveries showed that man’s ancestors used tools, which shows intelligence, and lived in eastern Africa at least 3 million years ago – almost doubling the previously accepted age of human origins.


One response to “December 19, 1944 (a Tuesday)

  1. I thought this might serve of interest.

    On December 19 1944 research was published which confirmed that smoking cigarettes is an excellent source of natural vitamin C.

    Recognizing the smoke portion of this treatment might represent a large problem, left researchers asking; surely there must be other ways and Flintstones vitamins were born.

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